EfreakBNC may be coming back!

Thanks to an awesome friend, EfreakBNC may be coming back up for hosting of the Bouncer and 2 bots (Sorry, no more IRC server or other services, and we will be unable to use port 6667). Keep your eyes and ears tuned for more details. If you know JohnK on IRC, you can feel free to thank him! In the meantime, feel free to reply to this post for questions and concerns. If you had an account previously, I apologize, but you WILL need to forward your original email to me to verify it (I have records of them available to check) as I no longer have the old configuration available. If you got your account in another way (e.g. reddit), contact me there for more info.


Someone has hacked into the server (again), this time via the management console, and the most recent backup is from last month. The server is costing me too much per month to run and I simply can’t afford it anymore. If you want a BNC account, I am no longer able to host you. All bots, bouncers, websites, voip servers, game servers, relays are to be shut down by December 17th 2012.